Our school site has a dedicated space for us to have an allotment or growing area. Gaining Lottery Funding meant that we could plan this area.

We now have a thriving allotment! FLASH have a dedicated growing area too. All classes tend it and recycle waste from fruit snack and such daily. Every class are timetabled to use the allotment and take the opportunity to incorporate it into topics such as ‘digging for Victory’ that is a Year 6 topic.

We have an arch in memory of Mr. Andy De Luca who died in 2013 and was a tremendous governor for The Bellbird.

The allotment area is used extensively by the children.  There is a Wildflower Garden with poppies, cornflowers and daisies.  The Sensory Garden is planted with plants that are interesting to touch or smell.  The children in the gardening club have planted miniature tulips and daffodils to give spring colour. A geometrical Knot Garden has been constructed and Wagtails class are planting bulbs here this year.  Children have planted sunflowers, marrows and tomatoes.  Wagtails class have weekly garden lessons in the two warmest half terms, planting broad beans, spring onions, sweet peas and carrots and harvesting raspberries, gooseberries and redcurrants

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