About Us

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school. We are extremely proud of our school community who work hard together to ensure all of our children can ‘soar to success’.

We hope this website encourages you to come and see what The Bellbird has to offer by giving a brief taster of what makes our school community so special. To find out more you can read about our vision, values, motto and aims below, view our prospectus here or contact the school office to arrange a visit. If you are a prospective new family we look forward to welcoming you!

Best wishes

Mrs Emma Clayton and Mrs Rebecca Pentney


Vision, Values, Motto and Aims


At The Bellbird Primary School we focus on developing happy, confident children, who are intrinsically motivated to achieve their individual potential. We aim to provide them with a safe and creative environment with consistent learning opportunities to achieve this. We recognise the value in involving the whole school community in this vision and seek to empower all staff, parents, carers and governors to work towards this goal for our children: learning does not just take place within the school day. We actively promote the values below to support out children in ‘soaring to success’.


Through working with our school community, we have identified the following key areas that we all value for our children:

  • Our learning environment, which provides a caring, secure and stimulating place in which every child can develop as an individual: intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.
  • Our curriculum, which provides access to balanced, engaging and progressive learning opportunities for each child to ensure each child can excel at each stage of their education and feel ready for the next stage of their education.
  • Our school community, which provides opportunities for every child to feel a part of The Bellbird. A place where they can develop respect for themselves and others through the celebration of equality, diversity and inclusivity. We aim to inspire curiosity not judgement of others.

Our vision and values can be summarised in our motto and aims which we use with our children to support their development.


‘Soaring to success’

Our Bellbird aims are to be:

Balanced and kind: we are balanced when we approach any new situation we are curious and not judgemental which helps us to be kind individuals who feel happier because of how we behave;

Independent: we aim for independence from adults in our learning because it helps us to build confidence in our abilities;

Respectful and responsible: we respect ourselves, each other, our resources and our environment taking responsibility to make the right choices;

Determined: we show determination to do the best we can even when things are hard, we use support when we need to and are proud of the progress we make making us resilient and confident learners;

Safe and supportive: we support others to feel safe with our words and actions and use CHUM CATS to supportively resolve our differences to support each other.


A brief history and a few fun facts about the school name!

The Bellbird school sits on the site of two previous schools: John Falkner and John Paxton Schools. Three members of a family who attended both John Paxton and John Falkner schools developed The Bellbird name using the emblems of the two schools: a school ‘bell’ from one and a ‘bird’ from the other. Further investigation revealed that The Bellbird is a native bird of New Zealand so a real bird name for our school. You will notice that all of our class names however, are birds native to the United Kingdom and our school houses are all trees that they all might rest in!