Our School Day

The Bellbird Primary School Day

8:45 am
Side gates are opened by a teacher, one for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2.
Teachers stay by the gate and welcome the children to school.
Children go directly to their classroom, self register and learning begins.

8:55 am
Side gates are locked and the official school day begins.  Any children who have missed being welcomed, come into school  by the School Office and are taken to their classes by a member of the admin. team.

9:00 am  Assembly time Monday, Tuesday (KS2), Wednesday (KS2) and Thursday.

10:20 -10:40am  KS1 Playtime

10:50 -11:10am  KS2 Playtime

11:45 -12:45pm   Foundation Stage and KS1 lunch and playtime

Key Stage One classes have a 10 minute playtime in the afternoon.

12:15 – 1:15pm   KS2 lunch and playtime

2:30 pm Assembly time Tuesday and Wed (KS1)

2:30pm  Whole School assembly. Parents very welcome. Afternoon assembly Friday only.

3:15pm  End of school for Foundation and Key Stage 1 children

3:20pm  End of school for Key Stage 2 children