School Clubs

Welcome to our School Clubs Page.

At The Bellbird we think that clubs are a fantastic way for children to try new activities or develop existing skills. Some of our clubs are provided free of charge (run by staff or parents who very kindly volunteer their time) others have a cost where coaches have been bought in to lead clubs.

Regular clubs that take place after school include:

  • KS2 Choir (who perform every other year at Young Voices concert at The O2 as well as many other performance opportunities throughout the year)
  • Football Club (Premier Sport)
  • Gymnastics Club (premier Sport)
  • Contemporary Dance Club
  • Gardening Club (in summer term)
  • Coding Club
  • Film Club

Y6 Lunchtime clubs

We are passionate that all children should be able to access clubs should they want to and so have had many clubs across the year that take place at lunchtime. These clubs are run by our year 6 children and provides a great opportunity for them to develop their leadership skills and confidence. Lunchtime clubs this year have included: Arts and Crafts, Pom-pom making, Pirate Game Maths Club, Fan-making Club, Drawing Club and Singing Club.




We believe that clubs offer the children experiences that enrich and support their learning across the Curriculum so if any of you have any ideas for other opportunities, please come and speak to us!