School Clubs

Welcome to our School Clubs Page.

Spring 2022 – We have had to reduce clubs due to trying to keep pupils safe.


The Bellbird has had many clubs for children both before and after school.

Some are free and run by school staff. Others have a cost where coaches have been bought in to lead the club.

Each term, there is a letter sent out to parents so that children can choose what they would like to join in with.

There are some regular clubs that are always favourites such as football, multi skills, choir and hoola hoop. Whilst others, such as cricket, depend upon the time of year.

We are really grateful for those adults who contribute to or run these activities.



Clubs at The Bellbird

We have a fantastic range of clubs at The Bellbird and try very hard to ensure that there is something for everyone. Some clubs are run by outside agencies whereas others are organised by the teaching staff, across the Key Stages.

Our Spring Term clubs currently include

  • Football
  • Gymastics
  • Muliskills
  • Choir
  • Coding

We believe that clubs offer the children experiences that enrich and support their learning across the Curriculum so if any of you have any ideas for other opportunities, please come and speak to us!