Phonics, Reading, Spelling and Writing

Please also see Policy pages for all English Polices


On a Friday we will send home the phonemes and tricky words that we will be covering the following week. You can support your child by thinking about objects that begin with these phonemes as well as spotting the tricky words in any books that you share with your child.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if there is anything that you are not clear about.

Phonics and Early Reading Policy – here


Set 5 – View PDF
Set 4 – View PDF
Set 3 – View PDF
Set 2 – View PDF
Set 1 – View PDF


Websites to support reading at home – view PDF


Joining letters to form words – view PDF


Teaching of phonics and spelling at The Bellbird – view PDF
Spelling posters to help your child, key stage 1 here and key stage 2 here