Parent Voice

The two main strands of the group will be:

  • To encourage parental involvement children’s learning
  • To encourage parental involvement in the life of the school.

Parent Voice exists to give mums and dads a regular opportunity to discuss school issues, we seek to be inclusive of all our families and to encourage parents to be active and involved in their child’s education. We will meet regularly and our meetings can be attended by any parent or carer who wishes to come along. The group is also open to teachers if they wish to attend.

Below are a few examples of some of our special occasions when parents have come into school to work alongside our teachers and their children.

  • Science week – helping and supporting our children in their investigations
  • KS2 Campfire Evening when parents warmed us with hot chocolate  following a “chilly story” around the fire
  • International Food Evening when families sampled some fine cuisine from around the world

If you feel you would like to be part of this exciting initiative then do speak with Mrs Martin, we would love you to join with us.